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Room accommodation

If you would like to view these rooms or want to receive a suitable offer from us, we kindly request you to contact us so that we can provide you with the best possible assistance. Our team is ready to awnser your questions. Easily contact us at or +31 504046404.

  • Peregrine

    The Peregrine overlooks the Groninger landscape and is located on the quiet east side of the main building. The room has a slightly diamond shape and can accommodate up to 100 seats during a theater setup.

  • Bird's Eye

    The Bird's Eye is an attractive room and is located on the first floor in the main building. The room seats up to 120 seats and has a view over the Groninger landscape. There is a stairlift available.

  • Falcon Crest

    The Falcon Crest can also be found on the first floor of the main building. The space under the attractive sloping roof can be used in combination with the Bird's Eye, creating a space of 195m².

  • Combi (Bird's Eye - Falcon Crest)

    A combination of the Bird's Eye and Falcon Crest can accommodate groups of up to 175 people.